The Colorado Delta Pi Beta Phi house was built in 2004 after our chapter was established in 1986. It is located on greek row with 2 of the other sororities on campus! Our house is very special to us as it is a home away from home and welcomes all members in after longs days of class and lab. 


The Kitchen:

The kitchen in the house is there for mainly members who live in house, but all members are allowed to use it. It is so much fun going to the house to cook and share a meal with sisters. Everyone who lives in house is given space to store food in cabinet and refrigerator spaces. There are 4 refrigerators in the kitchen! All space is distributed evenly based on our point-based system. 

The Living Room:

No matter what time of day it is, you can always find a sister in the living room! Whether that's napping on the green couch, playing the Wii, watching The Bachelor, or learning the latest TikTok dance, sisters love spending time together in this main room.

The Study Room:

In this room, sisters work on homework together and use old coursework to help them be successful at Mines. Tutors within or outside of the chapter also hold study sessions in this room before big tests. This is one of six tables in the house that can be used for studying with sisters. There are also four tables in the dining room (not pictured) and one in the chapter room.

The Chapter Room:

In this room we hold meetings and member-only events. During other times, this room is used as a quiet study area away from the craziness that can happen in the main area or as another place to hang out with sisters.

There are so many spaces in the house to get to know and spend time with sisters. There are also many places to nap in between or after a long day of classes, like the couch under the stairs. We also have all the composite pictures of all members from the past displayed in our home. The most current one is always by the entry as seen in the photo to the right. It's so fun to explore the composites and find past CO Delta sisters! You may even find a few who decided to wear pigtails and clown makeup for their composite pictures :)

The Rooms:

Typically, 21 girls live in the house. There are 5 single and 8 double rooms. Choosing to live in house and which room you get is dependent on your points in our point-based system. Some rooms are even off of the balcony and others have great views of the M. Living in house is a great opportunity to get close to sisters and live walking distance from all classes!