Meet Members


"I chose Pi Phi because when I went through recruitment, pi phi was the only house I got excited to go to. They were all unique and great in their own way and I felt right at home every day.

"I've stayed in pi phi because it's my home and I wouldn’t have gotten as many connections without it and I definitely would not be as successful as I am today in college without it."


 "I chose Pi Phi because everyone was very nice and seemed involved in charity and in school. Plus, my now big and I really connected and she definitely made me optimistic about pi phi.

"I've stayed in Phi Phi because I think I’m in the best sorority in campus and even though I don’t hang out with my sisters everyday, I still love to see them when I can, even if it’s just once a week."


"I chose Pi Phi because it felt like my home and girls actually seemed genuine

"I stay in Pi Phi because the girls I’ve met have become a support system and second family to me and I don’t think I could thrive at this school without that."


"I chose Pi Phi because the girls really made a point to be theirselves and connect on a deeper level rather than surface and I felt like I could be my weird self around them during recruitment without knowing them at all really

"I stay in Pi Phi because of the people. They were always so supportive and friendly, even the ones who were older or who I didn’t really know. They always made it a point to say hi when they saw me at things outside of pi phi and I loved that"


 "I chose Pi Phi because during recruitment I could see how close every girl was to each other, and I wanted that feeling of family that I felt in the house.

"I've stayed in Pi Phi because I love the girls and the support they provide because it’s very much needed at a hard school like Mines."


 "I chose Pi Phi because all the girls during recruitment were so genuine and they really wanted to know more about me. It felt like a big family.

"I stay in Pi Phi because all the girls are so supportive and always there for you. It is nice being able to stop by the house and just see all of my sisters."


"I chose Pi Phi because the sisterhood video reminded me of my friends back at home. I also liked the Pi Beta Phi Foundation based on Children’s literacy because I am aspiring to be a teacher.

"I stay in Pi Phi because I cannot imagine not seeing all my sisters on my good and bad days. When i see a sister around campus it always brings a smile to my face. I love having a family at school!"


"I chose Pi Phi because all the girls I met were very down to earth and friendly. I liked how Pi Phi did not consume everyone's lives and they had an identity outside of the sorority.

"I am staying in Pi Phi because of the community I have found and the wonderful people within it."


"I've stayed in Pi Phi because when I walk around campus the other members say hi to me by name, my big invites me over to cook dinner, and my twin and I hangout and share our love of cooking together. I choose Pi Phi because Pi Phi chooses me."


"I chose Pi Phi because the passion on Philanthropy day during recruitment was evident. I also loved the goofy and fun atmosphere and I felt like the girls were less who I wanted to be and more who I am"