Chapter Leadership


Chapter President

Gracie Bush

Vice President of Operations
Lauren Holt

Vice President of Risk Management

Charisma Bartlett

Vice President of Member Experience

Brigid Mulligan

Vice President of Finance

Elise Renwick

Vice President of Community Relations

Maddie Kizziar

Vice President of Recruitment

Chloe Smith

Director of Member Conduct

Regan Sampson

Director of Policy and Prevention Education

Hawley Pajares

Director of Social Events

Alexia Dassati

Director of New Member Experience

Lily Laursen

Director of Lifelong Membership

Abigail Morrow

Director of Academics

Rimzhim Kashikar

Director of Fraternity Heritage

Faylyn Bruecken

Director of Housing

Lizzy Walker

Director of Member Finances

Brooke Harvey

Director of PR and Marketing

Sydney Purdom

Director of Service and Philanthropy

Laura Gonzalez

Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Sarah Irvin

Director of Recruitment Events

Lilly Tucker

Director of Membership Selection

Olivia Schoening