About Our Chapter

When you meet a Pi Phi, you immediately recognize something unique about her. There's an unmatched level of integrity along with a commitment to excellence and a general aura of potential that sets this person apart from the pack. Being a Pi Phi at Colorado School of Mines includes living in a beautiful house, belonging to a dynamic social organization, and developing a sisterhood with diverse women while making lifelong friendships. The women in our chapter are passionate and involved in every aspect of college life. However, being a Pi Phi is the strong tie that holds us all together. Becoming a Pi Phi will not only make your collegiate experience more meaningful, but will present you with new and exciting opportunities. Pi Phi values leadership, academics, service, intellectual development, and balance in our members. Use this website to learn about who we are and what makes us unique as an organization. If you have any questions, please send us an email at CODelta@pibetaphi.org. 

Pi Beta Phi values intellectual excellence. Pi Beta Phi's goal regarding academics is to help members realize, pursue, achieve their academic goals in their chosen fields. This includes encouraging each individual Pi Phi chapter to pursue academic excellence.
In all Pi Beta Phi Fraternities it is believed that scholarship performance is dependent on personal motivation and desire. With the aid and support of chapter activities, Pi Beta Phi helps to support success early in one's academic career. Academic programming will focus on providing the tools and support you need to achieve success. Every chapter should strive toward being at or above the 'all women's average' GPA at their respective universities. There are also Scholarship Awards available to all members of Pi Beta Phi, in order to help many Pi Phis achieve their dreams of completing their formal educations. More information about scholarships can be found on the Pi Beta Phi Foundation website. Scholarship page for Pi Beta Phi


A Link Family is the term used for the Colorado Delta academic mentoring program.  Generally a member is placed into a group with other older members who study in the same field who will help mentor and tutor their younger counterparts.  This allows not only an opportunity to expand and heighten a members success in their academic careers, but also fosters sisterhood, sincere friendship, and intellectual and personal growth.  A Link Family will provide you with:


  • Promotion, protection, and visibility
  • The opportunity to help you develop skill and knowledge you may not even know you posses
  • An increased chance of success and satisfaction in your academic career
  • Friends for the rest of your life!